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Séminaire « Prestige » François Parcy

24/11/2017 - Marc-Ridet (campus INRA Auzeville)

Séminaire « Prestige » François Parcy
© F. Parcy
François Parcy donnera un séminaire « A structural journey among floral regulators » le vendredi 24 Novembre à 11h en salle de conférence Marc-Ridet.


In Arabidopsisthaliana like in many other plants, the development of flowers starts on the flanks of the shoot apical meristem. The position of the floral meristem is determined by the phytohormone auxin and the Auxin Response Factor Monopteros/ARF5 transcription factor. Soon afterwards, the LEAFY transcription factor contributes to the emergence and the floral fate of the newly formed flower meristem. My team uses a combination of approaches (developmental genetics, structural biology, genomics and computational biology) to understand the dynamics of gene expression programs during the development of flowers.We study the interplay between transcriptional and epigenetic regulators, how these factors decrypt regulatory informations encoded in the genome and how they evolved.