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Séminaire « Prestige » René Geurts

29/06/2018 - Salle Marc-Ridet

Séminaire « Prestige » René Geurts
René Geurts donnera un séminaire « The non-legume Parasponia as a comparative model to underpin the core genetic network essential for rhizobium nitrogen-fixing root nodules » le vendredi 29 Juin à 13h30 en salle de conférence Marc-Ridet.

Short resume:

Parasponia represents five fast-growing tropical tree species in the Cannabeaceae, which are known as the only species besides legumes that can establish nitrogen-fixing nodules with rhizobium. We establish Parasponia as a research model to allow genetic dissection of the nitrogen fixation trait. Comparative genomics of Parapsonia and legumes uncovered a conserved gene set for nodulation. To investigate the function of these genes in Parasponia we established an efficient and relatively fast stable transformation protocol. In combination with CRISPR/Cas9 mutagenesis, biallelic mutant lines can be obtained in a period of three-to-four months. Due to efficient in vitro micro-propagation, mutant plantlets can be studied in T0 generation, allowing phenotypic evaluation within six months after transformation. We mutated 20 conserved nodulation genes to study their function in the Parasponia-rhizobium nitrogen-fixing symbiosis. This provided novel insights into evolution the nitrogen fixation trait.