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Séminaire Rémi Peyraud

29/01/2019 - Salle de séminaire de l'unité EDB (Bât 4R1)

Séminaire Rémi Peyraud
Rémi Peyraud donnera un séminaire « Flipping biology from a correlative science to a causality science, the iMEAN startup » le 29 janvier 2019 à 11h30 en salle de séminaire de l'unité EDB (Bât 4R1).

iMEAN is a start-up freshly founded by three young researchers from the TULIP community. We build mathematical models of living organisms predicting their phenotypes base on knowledge on their genomic makeup, molecular networks and environmental constraints. Hence, we reveal causal mechanisms behind experimental observations.
We will present how recent advance in modelling life from a molecular perspective can lead to a rise of predictive capacities of evolution, from organisms to biotic interactions in changing environments.
We will take the opportunity to also give a feedback on an entrepreneurship adventure for PhDs and Postdocs of TULIP.