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Séminaire « Visiting Scientist » Scott Allen Jackson

26/10/2018 - Salle Marc-Ridet (campus INRA Auzeville)

Séminaire « Visiting Scientist » Scott Allen Jackson
Scott A Jackson donnera un séminaire « Genetic variation and trait prediction in legumes » le 26 Octobre prochain à 11h00 en salle Marc-Ridet.

About Scott Jackson


Scott Jackson is the Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar in Plant Functional Genomics. He is also Director of the Center for Applied Genetic Technologies. His research focuses on the application of genomic tools to describe and understand the structure and function of plant genomes for crop improvement. He is a member of the UGA Plant Center, The Institute of Bioinformatics and graduate coordinator for the Institute of Plant Breeding, Genetics and Genomics.

He is Associate Editor for: Genes ; Genomes ; Genetics ; The Plant Genome ; Frontiers in Plant Sciences ; Molecular Plant.

About his talk

Using crop legumes as a model, Scott will discuss genetic (and epigenetic) variation in these genomes and the roles that polyploidy and transposable elements play. He will also explore the use of juvenile gene transcription data (RNA-seq) to predict mature plant phenotypes.