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Séminaire "Visiting scientist" Kimberley Snowden

19/06/2017 - Marc Ridet (campus INRA Auzeville)

 Séminaire "Visiting scientist" Kimberley Snowden
Kimberley Snowden donnera un séminaire “Strigolactones and the environmental control of branching” lundi 19 juin 2017 en salle Marc Ridet a 13h30.

Kimberley Snowden is a Senior Scientist at Plant & Food Research in Auckland, New Zealand. She studies plant development with a special interest in shoot architecture. Using Petunia mutants, her group contributes to deciphering how strigolactones work in concert with other hormones to control this important plant trait. Their identification of the first strigolactone receptor was a major breakthrough in the field, enabling the community to gain a better understanding of strigolactone perception and signalling in crop plants and parasitic weeds. Kimberley's current research interests include further analysis of the strigolactone signalling pathway.