Teachers and researchers "Training Packages"

Objective: Allow Engineers (IE, IR), Assistant-Professors, Professors, Researchers and Research Directors permanently appointed in one of the 6 TULIP Laboratories to reinforce their interdisciplinary skills at the interface between functional biology and ecology/evolution, by funding training session(s), course(s) and/or visit(s) in research laboratories, in France or abroad.

Maximum funding per training project: 5 000€ (5 projects maximum will be selected)

Selection criteria (by order of priority):
1. Training specifically aiming at reinforcing interdisciplinary skills.
2. Relevance of the training project and added value for the applicant.
3. Well justified budget

Our selection procedure will guarantee equal opportunities to all applicants

Expected structure of the application (in English):
1. A summary of the research context justifying the training (250 words)
2. Description of the training project (150 words)
3. Expected benefits from the training (250 words)
4. Justifications of the requested budget including a signed commitment of not being financed elsewhere for the same training project

Applications are welcomed at any time. They will be evaluated as they are received, and a final answer will be given within one month after reception of a complete application.

Applications must be sent as one single pdf file to jean-marc.deragon@univ-perp.fr

The training must be completed not more than 15 months after receiving a positive answer from the TULIP-GS jury

(a short experience report will be required following the completion of the training)

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