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What about the 6th edition of the TULIP Summer School?

What about the 6th edition of the TULIP Summer School?
© Cassiède-Berjon G.
The LabEx TULIP organized the sixth edition of its summer school "Biological interactions, from genes to ecosystems" from July 15th to 21th. This year, the class consisted of 11 PhDs, 2 Post-doctoral and 6 Master students from 10 different countries (Germany, UK, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Brazil, USA & more).

The students were immersed in a "Project Based Learning" approach and worked in groups to design - in less than a week - their dream research project on interactions between organisms at the frontiers of biology and ecology.


"Evolutionnary Games & Coopération" presentation

by Karl Sigmund © Dominique Roby

They also enjoyed seminars given by Karl Sigmund, Jean-Michel and Cécile Ané, Ludovic Orlando, Manuella van Munster and Yves Mauffette.

Taking advantage of the ideal location of the Domaine de Ramonjuan in the Lesponne valley, all participants also enjoyed a day of hiking in the mountains and visited the Pic du Midi Observatory and the SETE facilities in Moulis. Feedback from the participants - invited researchers and students – are enthusiastic, indicating that the formula works. A satisfaction survey will allow us to know more to refine the organization of the seventh edition in 2018!


2017 Summer school's class at the Pic du Midi Observatory ©DR