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Junior and senior staff recruitments

TULIP invests heavily in attracting outstanding researchers (seniors) or talented up-and-coming researchers (juniors). TULIP also offers “chairs” when these researchers and their teams come to work in LabEx’s laboratories.

TULIP initially planned eight recruitment campaigns of this type; six of them are already up and running and several are in preparation. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you share the TULIP project’s philosophy!

Grégory Vert - junior chair 2018

Grégory Vert - junior chair 2018

Grégory Vert recently received a "Junior" TULIP Package, in the framework of the TULIP attractiveness operations to join the LRSV (UMR 5546 UPS /...
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Patricia Beldade

Patricia Beldade - junior chair 2016

In this interview, she describes her experience, motivations, and her project on "phenotypic plasticity" using flies and butterflies as the main...
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Jose M.Montoya

Jose M. Montoya - junior chair 2014

Jose M. Montoya, the recent recipient of a TULIP junior package after his recruitment by the CNRS, granted an interview upon his arrival at the SEEM...
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Herve Philippe

Hervé Philippe - senior chair 2013

At random or by choice, scientists may be crossing over scientific boundaries and position themselves at the interface of scientific fields. This is...
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Fabrice Roux

Fabrice Roux - junior chair 2013

Working on A.thaliana, a model plant well-known to molecular biologists, while being an ecologist: this is the story of Fabrice Roux, future 2013...
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A famous name for TULIP

Michel Loreau - senior chair 2012

Before landing in Ariège, Michel Loreau, a great name of ecology dragged up in many corners of the world, relentlessly inventorying species or...
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