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Junior and senior staff recruitments

TULIP invests heavily in attracting outstanding researchers (seniors) or talented up-and-coming researchers (juniors). TULIP also offers “chairs” when these researchers and their teams come to work in LabEx’s laboratories.

TULIP initially planned ten recruitment campaigns of this type; four of them are already up and running and a further one is in preparation. So you still have plenty of opportunity to join us. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you share the TULIP project’s philosophy!


Michel Loreau - senior chair 2012

Combining tireless work on understanding the functional role of biodiversity in ecosystems with campaigning for the sustainable management of biodiversity, his research focuses specifically on bringing together fields of study which, for too long, have been unconnected: the functioning of ecosystems, the organisation of communities and the evolution of species. Formerly a professor at McGill University (Canada), Michel has now worked for the SETE Station in Moulis since 2013. He also set up the “CBTM” (Centre for Biodiversity Theory and Modelling) there. Read the full article>>>

F. Roux

Fabrice Roux - junior chair 2013

Research into Arabidopsis thaliana, a model organism familiar to molecular biologists, and Ecology? This is Fabrice Roux’ vision of research, one which is perfectly in keeping with the TULIP project and which, along with the TULIP chair, led him to make the move from Lille to the LIPM (Laboratory for Plant-Microorganism Interactions). Read the full article>>>


Hervé Philippe - senior chair 2013

Although the current trend is to blur the boundaries between different scientific fields, there are those who, through choice or opportunity, had already positioned themselves at the interface between disciplines. And Hervé Philippe is undoubtedly one of these pioneers. He joined the SEEM in Moulis on one of TULIP LabEx’s recruitment programmes. Read the full article>>>

Jose M.Montoya

Jose M. Montoya - junior chair 2014

Jose M. Montoya joined SEEM in 2014 to take up a junior chair associated with his post at the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research). Leaving Barcelona for the large-scale experimental schemes of Moulis was a dramatic change which brought new research projects and a new lifestyle. Read the full article>>>

Patricia Beldade

Patricia Beldade - junior chair 2016

Developmental plasticity, i. e. phenotypic variation resulting from the effect of the environment during organismal development, as well as its role in the evolution of organisms, can underlie local adaptations and lead to developmental innovations. Patricia Beldade joined TULIP range with a project on "phenotypic plasticity" using flies and butterflies as the main models. Read the full article >>>

Grégory Vert: a new TULIP junior operation for a research focused on ubiquitination

Grégory Vert: a new TULIP junior operation for a research focused on ubiquitination

Grégory Vert recently received a "Junior" TULIP Package, in the framework of the TULIP attractiveness operations to join the LRSV (UMR 5546 UPS /...
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