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TULIP “Prestige” seminars

Thanks to TULIP LabEx, renowned guests come and spend a day or two with us, giving presentations and engaging in discussion with the TULIP community and on the websites of the INRA and the Paul Sabatier university.
Sebastian Schornack

Sebastian Schornack "Prestige" seminar

09.22.2017 Marc-Ridet conference room (INRA Auzeville campus)

Sebastian Schornack will give a seminar "Together forever? – How plants and microbes manipulate their relationships" on Friday, september 22th in...

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Dominique Loqué

Dominique Loqué "Prestige" seminar

09.07.2017 Marc-Ridet conference room (INRA Auzeville campus)

Dominique Loqué will give a "Prestige" seminar on thursday, september 7th, 2017 in the Marc-Ridet conference room.

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Maria Harrison seminar

Maria Harrison seminar

05.10.2017 Marc Ridet conference room (INRA Auzeville campus)

Maria Harrison seminar "Reprogramming root cells for arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis" on May 10th, 2017 in the Marc Ridet conference room (INRA...

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David Wardle

David Wardle "Prestige" seminar

David Wardle – Soil and plant ecology professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences - will give a TULIP seminar talk on November...
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Gregory Martin Seminar

Prestige Seminar : Gregory Martin

Gregory Martin - Cornell University - makes us the pleasure of a presentation about molecular basis of the tomato response to Pseudomonas syringae...
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D. S. Guttman & D .Desveaux

D. S. Guttman & D .Desveaux seminars

Taking opportunity of famous scientists visits, David S. Guttman & Darrell Desveaux, both belonging to Toronto University, Department of Cell and...
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Séminaire de C.Zipfel

C.Zipfel seminar

Prof. Cyril Zipfel (The Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich, UK) will present the seminar intitled "Connecting the dots: linking PAMP perception to...
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Jan Komdeur

J. Komdeur: Behavioural adaptations in relation to ecological and social conditions

The 8th of November (10:30 / 12:30: Seminar room "4R1" Building - Paul Sabatier University, UT3), the prof. & Dr. J. Komdeur (Head of the Behavioural...
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A day about genes with Jean Deutsch

Because of Jean Deutsch coming, a special meeting is planed on the 20th of september in Marc Ridet room (INRA Auzeville). Organized by TULIP LabEx &...
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SIC workshop

EDB : workshop "Signalisation Information Chimie" (SIC)

This event, set on April 3th from 9am in EDB laboratory (conference hall of 4R1 building - UPS campus), aims to take stock of many advances linked to...
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