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Master’s degrees in Integrative Biology and Ecology"

In order to reinforce excellence in Integrative Biology and Ecology, TULIP will create an international Master of sciences in English entitled "Integrative Biology and Ecology".
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This Master’s degree in Integrative Biology and Ecology will build upon the excellence and the complementarity of existing curricula: ‘MABS (Microbiology, Agrobiosciences, Bioinformatic & Systems biology)’ and ‘Ecology’. This will be facilitated by the fact that several courses are already shared between the two current Master’s degrees. It will add flexibility with no radical departure from existing curricula by allowing students wide latitude in course selection over the first year of the Master’s degree with increasing specialization over the course of the two-year degree. This is a very potent way to give students a cutting-edge education and pursue employment in their chosen field. Therefore, the philosophy of the new Master’s degree will be that each student will play the major role in determining the course of study that is best for him or her.

TULIP will keep running current research specialization in the 2nd yr of the Master’s degree since they are performing extremely well with more than 90% of the students pursuing in PhD training and will offer a new international programme that will be taught by partner universities research institutes and will include at least one semester of study abroad. This programme will cover all aspects of multidisciplinary and integrative approaches, including genomics, metabolomics, genetics, bioinformatics, biostatistics, cell and molecular biology, evolution and ecosystems dynamics and functionning. The bureau of International Affairs from University of Toulouse will provide assistance with planning, organization, and funding of this programme.