Do stream fish track climate change ? Assessing distribution shifts in recent decades

Understanding the ability of species to shift their distribution ranges in response to climate change is crucial for conservation biologists and resources managers. Although freshwater ecosystems include some of the most imperilled fauna worldwide, such range shifts have been poorly documented in streams and rivers and have never been compared to the current velocity of climate change. Based on national monitoring data, we examined the distributional changes of 32 stream species in France and quantified potential time lags in species responses, providing a unique opportunity to analyse range shifts over recent decades of warming in freshwater environments.

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Do stream fish track climate change? Assessing distribution shifts in recent decades, Ecography36: 1236–1246, Lise Comte & Gaël Grenouillet.

Modification date: 07 June 2023 | Publication date: 20 December 2013 | By: Gael Esteve