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Erika BURIOLI, researcher at the IHPE, has been awarded a €1.5 million ERC (European Research Council) Starting Grant to study mussel transmissible cancers.
Sylvain Raffaele is the recipient of the Laurier du Défi Scientifique INRAE 2023. Research Director at LIPME, he studies the mechanisms at work in plant immunity. Understanding what enables plants to resist disease or withstand an infectious load, and what enables fungal pathogens to cause disease and adapt to plant defenses.
In an article published in August in Nature Communications, LGDP researchers demonstrate a new and crucial role for the epigenome in protecting the genome against structural variants, and open up new avenues for understanding the interaction between these circular shapes and genome stability in other biological systems.
The SOYSTAINABLE scientific project, led by Jean-Malo Couzigou at LRSV, was officially launched on February 9 for the next six years. Read the full article on CNRS Occitanie Ouest website.
Researchers from LRSV and LIPME, published a paper in Molecular Biology and Evolution in May, an article that showed that the entry into the host plant is the major selective force acting on these bacterial populations. They also identified many adaptive mutations, that will fuel future work aiming at understanding the molecular bases of adaptation in their system.
Michel Loreau, ex director of the SETE, has published a book entitled "Nature that makes us Human" edited by Oxford University Press.
IHPE researchers published in Septembre in Molecular Ecology, a study that reveals novel aspects on the link of DNA methylation and gene expression patterns. It further confirms the paradigm that epigenetic modifications generate phenotypic diversity in fish and ultimately lead to adaptive evolutionary processes.
Benoit Lefebvre, researcher at LIPME, has been awarded the role of Action Chair on the ROOT-BENEFIT project, winner of a European COST call for proposals.
Camille Parmesan and Mike Singer from the SETE station published an article in Biological Conservation in May, which argues in favor of setting priorities on ecology/behavior and hybridization over genomics/taxonomy and species' integrity in conservation under climate change.
The Adaptation mechanisms and genomics team from LGDP published in PLOS Genetics, a Genome-wide analysis of horizontal transfer in non-model wild species from a natural ecosystem that reveals new insights into genetic exchange in plants.
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