Our Objectives

The scientific community of TULIP merges research labs of international standard in plant and microbe functional biology, as well as in ecology, and evolutionary biology. We study biological mechanisms of interactions at every scale of living organization, from the molecular scale, to the scale of organisms’ interactions within populations and ecological communities, as well as to the timescales of evolution.

Our ambition is to exploit our knowledge on the mechanisms that govern organisms and ecosystem functioning to design, test and propose new approaches enabling the sustainable management of the environment in relation to human activities in the domains of agriculture, ecology and conservation.

For this purpose, TULIP also uses its interdisciplinary expertise to help designing new sustainable methods of agricultural and environmental management. Ultimately, our goal is to participate to the development of knowledge-based decision-making tools allowing our society to adopt more environmentally friendly actions.

Two axes on which we are working are:

Our research is developed through strong relationships with industrial partners: agro-industrial and seed companies, Toulouse Tech Transfer, INRAE Transfert, Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation, etc.

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