Technological platforms

On one hand, the TULIP LabEx strengthens an existing platforms network and, on the other hand, helps building new platforms able to answer specific scientific needs.

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Platforms directly supported by TULIP:

Toulouse Plant Microbe Phenotyping Platform


Intérieur serre phénotypage Photo : INRA - F. Devoilles

The Toulouse Plant Microbe Phenotyping (TPMP) platform is dedicated to automated high-throughput analysis phenotyping and controlled conditions on Arabidopsis model (Crucifer close to rapeseed), Medicago (model legume), Sunflower, Tomato as well as microorganisms that are associated with them. It includes equipment specifically designed and adapted to the scientific questions of our community. It is therefore unique in France and focuses on the themes of biotic interactions, one of the major research topics of Labex TULIP and FR AIB.

This platform allows to:

  • Manage environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.) at different scales in order to mimic the environmental changes that are expected for the next decades
  • Measure the impact of changes in environmental conditions on plant performance and allow a detailed, high-throughput and quantitative assessment of the different phenotypic components and the physical and biological environmental characteristics.
  • Aquire mass phenotypic data, mainly from non-destructive experiments
  • Manage and process this massive data and generate new knowledge in the field of plant science and more particularly plant-microorganism interactions.



The MetaToul-AgromiX platform, hosted at LRSV, is dedicated to the analysis of plant metabolites as well as fungal and bacterial metabolites that may be involved in biotic interactions.

MetaToul-AgromiX is part of the Metabolomics and Fluxomics platform of Toulouse (MetaToul), a technological platform of GénoToul as well as the national infrastructure MetaboHub.

The platform gathers scientific and technical skills and state-of-the-art equipment in Mass Spectrometry. It responds to various research projects in the fields covered by the LabEx TULIP and the FR AIB.

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This platform allows to:

  • Quantify specific compounds in a targeted manner in complex matrices (extracts, exudates, nectars, culture media) such as phytohormones, flavonoids, amino acids...
  • Capture global fingerprints of the metabolome and identify known compounds inferring on unknown compounds
  • Acquire high-throughput spectral data to extract significant trends of metabolic change facing biotic or abiotic stress (metabolomics)
  • Process spectral data using deconvolution and multivariate analysis approaches.

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