The scientific approach of TULIP is based on five Major Themes of Research (MTR).

These various themes are based on the partner laboratories’ Key projects. They were defined at the origin of the LabEx on the basis of the current forces of the seven partner laboratories.

An bisannual internal call for proposal will select New Frontiers projects, aiming at exploring new concepts or technologies or synergies, to allow the long term evolution of the core projects within the TULIP Major Themes of Research.

However, many projects develop over several MTR. These will play a pivotal role, vital to TULIP’s coherence and allow us to define biological models that are key for the integration of the 5 MTRs

You can finally consult all of the Scientific Highlights as well as the Publications.

Modification date: 24 January 2024 | Publication date: 27 May 2020 | By: TULIP Communication