Environment effect on interactions between organisms

This MTR encompasses the two previous themes abut adds the study of the impact of environmental effects on the fate of two partner interactions.

It is not limited to the sole study of the impact of abiotic stresses on a plant or an animal with their associated microorganisms, but includes behavioural approaches, as for instance in the study of environment effects on mating systems or on plant-pollinator interactions.

Projects and people involved in the research topic:

Vue microscope

Experimental evolution in symbiotic microorganisms and pathogens
Catherine MASSON, Stéphane GENIN
LIPM >>>

Coccinelle sur fleur

Eco-evolutionary diversification of Natural Populations
Jérome CHAVE, Benoit PUJOL
 EDB >>>


Signals, Information and Interaction Eco-Evolutionary
 EDB >>>

Canal à ions

Calcium signal at the crossroad of biotic and abiotic stress responses
LRSV >>>

Paysage enneigé

Global changes
Virginie STEVENS
SETE >>>

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