Interactions between populations / communities / ecosystems

This MTR entitled “Interactions within populations and communities” aims at embracing the full complexity of interactions between organisms while accounting for abiotic factors.

Under this theme we account for all forms of heterogeneities, both within and between species, as well as environmental heterogeneity within a community of species. For instance, we envisage individuals with the cortege of its commensal micro-organisms.

Projects and people involved in the research topic:

Coccinelle sur fleur

Eco-evolutionary diversification of Natural Populations
Jérome CHAVE, Benoit PUJOL
EDB >>>

Carte mondiale

Species distribution models and Impact of Global Changes on species assemblages
Sébastien BROSSE
EDB >>>


Signals, Information and Interaction eco-volutionary
EDB >>>

Paysage enneigé

Global changes
Virginie STEVENS
SETE >>>

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