Towards a unified theory of biotic interactions

The fifth and last MTR will be entitled “Towards a unified theory of biological interactions”. It is the most innovative and integrative of the five MTRs.

By comparing the mechanisms and constraints underpinning the numerous abiotic and biotic interactions that will be studied in the four first MTRs, it will try to extract the common functioning principles, make new theories about their structure and evolution, and organize a dynamic and evolutionary centred typology of them. Based on these new theories and by using modelling approaches, we will then try to predict how community and agro- and ecosystems are likely to respond to the on going environmental perturbations. Beyond improving our knowledge on mechanisms of adaptation, one of our ultimate goals is to develop agro- and eco-technologies as well as conservation actions for reducing the detrimental impact of human activities.

Projects and people involved in the research topic:

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