Highlights 2023 - LabEx

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Grants :
ERC Starting Grant HYPERCAN - Erika Burioli, IHPE
PIA4 SOYSTAINABLE - Jean-Malo Couzigou, LRSV
COST ACTION : Beneficial root-associated microorganisms for sustainable agriculture - Benoît Lefebvre, LIPME

Awards :
Laurier du Défi Scientifique INRAE 2023 - Sylvain Raffaele, LIPME

Book :
Nature that makes us Human - Michel Loreau, SETE

Major publications :
Epigenetic variations are more substantial than genetic variations in rapid adaptation of oyster to Pacific oyster mortality syndrome - IHPE
The role of salinity on genome-wide DNA methylation dynamics in European sea bass gills - IHPE
Cooperation and cheating orchestrate Vibrio assemblages and polymicrobial synergy in oysters infected with OsHV-1 virus
Emergence and clonal expansion of Vibrio aestuarianus lineages pathogenic for oysters in Europe
Pathogen-derived mechanical cues potentiate the spatio-temporal implementation of plant defense - LIPME
A Selective Bottleneck During Host Entry Drives the Evolution of New Legume Symbionts - LIPME / EDB
Comparative phylotranscriptomics reveals ancestral and derived root nodule symbiosis programmes - LIPME / LRSV
LEAFY homeostasis is regulated via ubiquitin-dependent degradation and sequestration in cytoplasmic condensates - LRSV
K63-linked ubiquitin chains are a global signal for endocytosis and contribute to selective autophagy in plants - LRSV 
SUMO/deSUMOylation of the BRI1 brassinosteroid receptor modulates plant growth responses to temperature - LRSV 
Complementary peptides represent a credible alternative to agrochemicals by activating translation of targeted proteins - LRSV / LGDP
S-Nitrosylation of the histone deacetylase HDA19 stimulates its activity to enhance plant stress tolerance in Arabidopsis - LGDP
Extrachromosomal circular DNA and structural variants highlight genome instability in Arabidopsis epigenetic mutants - LGDP
Genome-Wide Analysis of Horizontal Transfer in Non-Model Wild Species from a Natural Ecosystem Reveals New Insights into Genetic Exchange in Plants - LGDP
NICOTIANAMINE SYNTHASE activity affects nucleolar iron accumulation and impacts rDNA silencing and RNA methylation in Arabidopsis - LGDP
A High Frequency of Chromosomal Duplications in Unicellular Algae Is Compensated by Translational Regulation - LGDP
Plant mobile domain proteins ensure Microrchidia 1 expression to fulfill transposon silencing - LGDP
Redox-mediated response to high temperature in plants - LGDP
Glutathione-mediated thermomorphogenesis and heat stress responses in Arabidopsis thaliana - LGDP
Psychological and physical connections with nature improve both human well-being and nature conservation: A systematic review of meta-analyses - SETE
The case for prioritizing ecology/behavior and hybridization over genomics/taxonomy and species' integrity in conservation under climate change - SETE
Novel operational index reveals rapid recovery of genetic connectivity in freshwater fish species after riverine restoration
Coevolutionary legacies for plant decomposition

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