Organization and management

TULIP-GS governance revolves around its three coordinators, an Executive Council, a Pedagogical Council shared with the LabEx as well as an Advisory Board.

TULIP-GS is managed by Jean-Marc Deragon (Pr, Perpignan University), Jean-Philippe Galaud (Pr, Toulouse University- UT3) and Monique Gardes (Pr, Toulouse University – UT3), with the help of two Pedagogic Managers : Claire Mendoza and Clémence Grosnit.

A TULIP-GS Executive Council is composed of delegates of the leading institutions (UPS, Toulouse INP, CNRS, INRAE, UPVD), of Toulouse and Perpignan Doctoral Schools and of TULIP labs.

A Pedagogical Council is shared between TULIP LabEx and TULIP-GS. This council is composed of the Coordinators of TULIP and TULIP-GS, the pedagogic manager, members of the TULIP labs, representative members of contributing Masters, delegates from Doctoral Schools and students.

For external recommendations, an Advisory Board is composed of 10 members coming from international, national and socio-economic partners of TULIP LabEx and TULIP-GS.


In this folder

The Executive Council of the TULIP Graduate School gathers 28 members representing the main institutions (UPS, Toulouse INP, CNRS, INRAE, UPVD), doctoral schools in Toulouse and Perpignan and TULIP laboratories, to which are added the 3 coordinators. This instance takes decisions and control the operational progress.
The Pedagogical committee is made up of 36 elected and appointed members. Its mission consists in organizing all the TULIP Graduate School Calls for Projects as well as the educational activities of TULIP and TULIP Graduate School, including the recruitment of students of the Master TULIP-GS and the LabEx's summer school.
The EUR TULIP International Council is made up of 10 members. It provides an external assessment of all EUR TULIP projects and recruitment, and advises on the development of new projects.

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