The project and objectives

The TULIP Graduate School (TULIP-GS) has two main objectives: to promote research and to train students around the crossover between ecology, evolution and functional biology.
In terms of the research aspect, many opportunities are available for PhD students, researchers & teachers-researchers of the TULIP laboratories to submit proposals. (See The TULIP-GS calls section)
In terms of teaching aspects, TULIP-GS proposes an internationally minded Master degree (see the TULIP-GS Master degree section). This degree is based on methods and concepts aimed to understand and to predict how living organisms are affected by their (biotic or abiotic) environment and how they adapt to changes in their environment like climate change.

TULIP-GS students are challenged to study these interactions at various scales, i.e. from the molecular level to cells, organisms, populations, communities and ecosystems.

Students from universities and engineering schools are invited to apply to the programs proposed at different levels (Bachelor, Licence, Master and PhD). They are trained using active pedagogy approaches e.g. problem-based learning (PBL), working on interdisciplinary projects directly embedded in the 6 TULIP research laboratories located in the French Occitanie Region (Toulouse, Perpignan and Moulis).

The training is given in English and will involve recognized international guest professors and researchers, in addition to members of the TULIP community.

Modification date: 07 June 2023 | Publication date: 26 May 2020 | By: TULIP Communication