Junior and senior staff recruitments

TULIP invests heavily in attracting outstanding researchers (seniors) or talented up-and-coming researchers (juniors). TULIP also offers “chairs” when these researchers and their teams come to work in LabEx’s laboratories.

TULIP initially planned nine recruitment campaigns of this type; eight of them are already up and running. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you share the TULIP project’s philosophy!

In this folder

Sylvain recently joined the LRSV after obtaining a TULIP package, find out more about Sylvain's research topic : the hypperaccumulation of metals in plants.
Specialist of the bacterial-host interaction at the level of nodular symbiosis, Aurélien Carlier will join the LIPM (UMR CNRS / INRA) in September 2019. Accompanied in his installation by a TULIP "Junior Package", he will be able to create a team dedicated to symbiotic associations in the phyllosphere.
Grégoire Freschet recently obtained a "Junior" package from TULIP, an attractiveness project prepared for many months by the LabEx team and the Moulis Theoretical and Experimental Ecology Station (UMR 5321 CNRS / UPS). We take this opportunity to talk about his research on the role of plant diversity and their symbionts in the stability of ecosystem functioning at the interface between plant functional biology and ecology.
Grégory Vert recently received a "Junior" TULIP Package, in the framework of the TULIP attractiveness operations to join the LRSV (UMR 5546 UPS / CNRS). This is an opportunity to talk about his research on protein ubiquitination mechanisms and the fundamental roles played by this post-translational modification in plants.
Herve Philippe
At random or by choice, scientists may be crossing over scientific boundaries and position themselves at the interface of scientific fields. This is Hervé Philippe’s choice, which makes him a precursor in that sense. He recently joined the Experimental Station of Ecology in Moulis (SEEM) thanks to the TULIP LabEx fellowship.
Fabrice Roux
Working on <em>A.thaliana</em>, a model plant well-known to molecular biologists, while being an ecologist: this is the story of Fabrice Roux, future 2013 LabEx TULIP recruit.
Before landing in Ariège, Michel Loreau, a great name of ecology dragged up in many corners of the world, relentlessly inventorying species or trying to understand ecosystem functioning while remaining an activist for biodiversity. His research focuses more specifically on gathering disjoint fields: ecosystems functioning, community organization and evolution of species. After his thesis in Brussels and a position at the Pierre et Marie Curie University then at the McGill one, he will now keep on working in Moulis, on behalf of the Experimental Station of Ecology (SEEM). He came here with his team thanks to the Midi-Pyrenees Regional Council, CNRS and TULIP LabEx.

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