Visiting scientists

These scientists come here for a few months to work with the TULIP LabEx’s teams and interact with them through collaborative projects, seminars, lectures, etc...

Come and join the LabEx scientific community for a few days, weeks or even months. You will have the opportunity to integrate a scientific community irrigated by several scientific currents and to have many exchanges. TULIP will in turn benefit from your expertise through these exchanges as well as through your lectures or courses.

The "Visiting Scientist" call for applications is open throughout the year.

To apply or to propose a researcher, please fill and send us back this document :

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19 December 2023

Salle Lynn Margulis - PABS, INRAE Occitanie-Toulouse

Seminar Visiting Scientist Paula Fernandez

Paula Fernandez will be giving a seminar on "Leaf senescence in sunflower: a complex trait studied by a systems biology approach" as part of her Visiting Scientist position at LIPME with Nicolas Langlade. It will take place on Tuesday December 19 at 1.30pm in Salle Lynn Margulis - PABS, INRAE Occitanie-Toulouse.

29 November 2023

Room Lynn Margulis - PABS, INRAE Occitanie-Toulouse

Seminar Visting Scientist Philip Mullineaux

Philip Mullineaux, Pr. at the University of Essex, hosted by the LGDP under the "Visiting Scientist" AAP, will give a seminar on "Novel H2O2 signal transduction in plant cells: Spatial dependency at the subcellular level" on Wednesday November 29 at 11am in the Lynn Margulis seminar room at the INRAE Occitanie-Toulouse center and on Zoom.
The EDB laboratory welcomes Thiago Rangel, professor at the Universidade Federal de Goiás in Brazil. Thiago is a geographical ecologist, interested in the drivers of organic and cultural evolution at large spatial and temporal scales. He is being hosted under the APP "Visiting Scientist" program.

28 September 2023

Amphitheater Molliard - EDB (Paul Sabatier Université)

Seminar Visiting Scientist James Costa

As part of the "Visiting Scientist" call, the EDB laboratory welcomes James Costa on Thursday October 5 at 11am in the Molliard Amphitheatre (next to the EDB building).

12 September 2023

EDB Seminar Room - Paul Sabatier University / Zoom

Seminar Visiting Scientist Murray Cox

In the frame of the "Visiting Scientist" Call, EDB will have the chance to host Murray Cox next Tuesday 12th of September 11am at the conference room of the 4R1. He will be coming exceptionnaly from Massey University and the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

26 October 2018

Marc-Ridet conference room (INRA Auzeville campus)

Scott Allen Jackson « Visiting Scientist » seminar

Scott A Jackson will give a seminar « Genetic variation and trait prediction in legumes » on October 26th, 2018 at 11:00 am in the Marc-Ridet conference room.

02 October 2018

Denjoy Amphitheater (UPS - U1 batiment near EDB)

Bruce Lyon « Visiting Scientist » seminar

Bruce Lyon will give a seminar « Cognitive coots: parasitic egg and chick recognition in a conspecific brood parasite » on October 2nd, 2018 at 11:30 am in the Denjoy Amphitheater (UPS - Bâtiment U1 near EDB).

15 March 2018

Marc-Ridet conference room (INRA Auzeville campus)

Mark Derbyshire « Visiting Scientist » seminar

Mark Derbyshire will give a seminar « Selective sweeps in the genome of the broad host range plant pathogenic fungus Sclerotinia sclerotiorum: how the environment shapes the landscape of single nucleotide polymorphisms » on March Thursday 15th, 2018 in the Marc-Ridet conference room.
Shifeng Cheng will give a seminar: « Big Data in Phylogenomics - biodiverse sequencing for Evolution, Agriculture and Plant Drugs » tuesday, June 26th at 2:00 pm in the FRAIB seminar room.
Chad Pearson will give a second seminar, this time in the Moulis SETE, « Basal body associated striated fibers control their length to organize ciliary arrays » on June 19th in the SETE seminar room.
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