Autumn School in Ecology and Integrative Biology

The Autumn School in Integrative Ecology and Biology, common to EE (Ecology & Evolution) and ADAM (Adaptations, Développement, Amélioration des Plantes, en association avec des Microorganismes) Masters 2 students and supported by TULIP, allowed to create through the years a scheme of close connexions between students and academics from scientifically related, but institutionally separated, cursus.

This collective and collaborative experience aims at the development of interdisciplinarity at the borders of molecular and cellular biology, genetics, ecology, and evolutionary biology at a very early stage of carrier, at the Master degree level.

This course takes place every year in the Pyrénees, and over years  has established a special spirit and enthusiasm shared by both students and academics.

The educational objective consists in merging different and complementary scientific thematics. This is why this Autumn School is so successful, relying on the benefits that each student and teacher takes for his own actions. This also allows students to better envisage their scientific future.

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Autumn School 2023
Credits: Christophe Jacquet

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For this new edition, the "Autumn School in Ecology and Integrative Biology", common to ADAM (Adaptation, Development and Improvement of plants in association with Microorganisms) and EE (Ecology and Evolution) masters, was held at the Suc and Sentenac Center, in Ariège. Largely supported by the LabEx TULIP, these three days of teaching and scientific reflection advocated the mixing and complementarity of evolutionary ecology and plant molecular sciences, the two major scientific themes of the LabEx.

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