Master degree in Economics & Ecology

Within its policy of reinforcing scientific excellence, the TULIP and IAST LabExs are jointly supporting the new Economics & Ecology master degree.

The courses of this master 2 degree will be taught (entirely in English) by university teachers and other researchers from the Toulouse School of Economics (Federal University of Toulouse, Capitol campus), Theoretical and Experimental Ecology Station (CNRS-UPS), as well as the Evolution & Biological Diversity laboratory (UPS-CNRS-IRD).

This interdisciplinary training will lead students to acquire modeling and measurement tools to analyze biodiversity and ecosystems characteristics, and get expertise in estimating the ecological and economic value of ecosystems.

A specific focus on the influence of economic policies on human behavior and their consequences on biodiversity and ecosystems will be made. The program will favor team work and concrete experiments centered on case studies and real data.


For the academic year 2023-2024, the Master in Environmental and Natural Resources Economics hasbeen replaced by a new master In Environmental Economics and Policy.

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