PhD "Position Grant" 2023-24

Objective: Candidates willing to engage in a PhD in one of the 6 TULIP Laboratories can apply to obtain a grant covering 100% of the total salary cost of a three-year doctoral allocation contract. Master students ending their first-year program in 2023 and planning to engage in a PhD at the end of their second year of master (in 2024), are particularly encouraged to apply. Candidates that have successfully completed a full master program in 2023 can also apply.

Earliest starting dates of the PhD: October 2024 for students that still need to complete their second year of Master when they apply or January 2024 for candidates that have completed their Master program when they answer this call.

Number of PhD position Grant available in this campaign: 6 full allocations.

Description of the selection process: Arranged chronologically as follows: 1- pre-selection of candidacies based on documents provided by candidates in their application (see below) 2- short oral presentations (in English) of the pre-selected laureates in front of a jury that include members of the external TULIP-GS Advisory Board, members of the TULIP-GS Pedagogic Council and representants of the two Doctoral Schools (SEVAB and ED305), 3- final decision of the 2023-2024 laureates by the external TULIP-GS Advisory Board.

Selection criteria (by order of priority):

  1. Academic merit of candidates based on their grades and rankings in the third year of their undergraduate cursus (Licence 3) and during their Master program
  2. Priority will be given to PhD project at the interface between functional biology and ecology/evolution or between the Major Themes of Research (MTRs) of the TULIP LabEx
  3. Quality of the written and oral presentation of candidate's research projects, including an evaluation of their English language skills
  4. A bonus will be given for geographical and/or thematical mobilities

Our selection procedure will guarantee equal opportunities to all applicants

Expected structure of the application (in English):

  1. A short CV and a description of the academic background of the candidate (1 page*)
  2. A short description of projects and achievements made while conducting undergraduate and/or graduate traineeships (2 pages*)
  3. A description of the PhD project highlighting two key references for the reviewers (2 pages*)
  4. A description of the interface (1/2 page*)
  5. A timetable of milestones and deliverables for the three years period (1/2 page*)
  6. A note from the PhD supervisor (in English) supporting the candidate

*Calibri 12 font

Applications must be sent as one single pdf file to


  1. Publication of the call: June 5, 2023
  2. Deadline to respond: September 29, 2023
  3. Publication of results: Before December 4, 2023


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