PhD "Tutorial Assignation" Call

Third-year PhD students from the two Doctoral Schools associated to TULIP-GS, and belonging to one of the six TULIP laboratories, will have the opportunity to apply to a TULIP-GS PhD Tutorial Assignation.

Objective: Allow PhD students from the SEVAB and ED305 Doctoral Schools and based in one of the 6 TULIP Laboratories to have a first tutorial experience by joining one of the two eligible 2023 Junior Lab projects of the Functional Biology and Ecology Master.

PhD laureates will join a team of scientific tutors affected to each Junior Lab project for a five-month assignation (mean of 6h of work per month), starting at the end of January 2023. Upon completion, each PhD Tutorial Assignation will lead to the validation of 30h of formation by the SEVAB or ED305 Doctoral Schools. PhD tutors will contribute to guide, on theoretical and practical aspects, master students engaged in Junior Lab projects, in collaboration with the scientific tutors. A short description of each of the two Junior Lab projects is annexed to the pdf document below.

Maximum number of PhD Laureates this year: 2

Selection criteria (by order of priority):

1. Motivation of the candidate

2. Good correspondence between the candidate expertise and the theme of the selected
Junior Lab project

Our selection procedure will guarantee equal opportunities to all applicants.

Expected structure of the application (in English):

1. A short CV (half a page)
2. A letter of motivation indicating which Junior Lab project the candidate wants to
integrate and a statement indicating that he has informed is PhD supervisor
3. A short description of the adequation between the candidate expertise and the
selected junior lab project (250 words).

Applications must be sent as one single pdf file to:


1. Publication of the call: November 4, 2022
2. Deadline to respond: December 9, 2022
3. Publication of results: December 16, 2022

The PhD Tutorial Assignation will start for five months on January 23, 2022.

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