Seminar Visiting Scientist Paula Fernandez

19 décembre 2023

Salle Lynn Margulis - PABS, INRAE Occitanie-Toulouse

Paula Fernandez donnera un séminaire "Leaf senescence in sunflower : a complex trait studied by a systems biology approach" dans le cadre de son Visiting Scientist au LIPME avec Nicolas Langlade. Il aura lieu le mardi 19 décembre à 13h30 en salle Lynn Margulis - PABS, INRAE Occitanie-Toulouse.

Paula travaille à l'INTA (Institut national de recherche agricole, similaire à l'INRAE en Argentine) dans le laboratoire de génomique et d'écophysiologie du tournesol de l'Institut de biotechnologie. Elle est également chercheur au Conseil national de la science (CONICET, similaire au CNRS) et professeur à l'Université San Martin.

Leaf senescence in sunflower: a complex trait studied by a systems biology approach

Leaf senescence in plants is the last stage of leaf development that is characterized by a decline in photosynthetic activity, an active degeneration of cellular structures and the recycling of accumulated nutrients to areas of active growth such as buds, young leaves, flowers , fruits and seeds. This process holds economic significance as  it can impact  yield, influencing the plant´s ability  to maintain an active photosynthetic system during prolonged periods, especially during the grain filling stage, which  affects plant weight and oil content. It also can be associated with different stresses or environmental conditions, manifesting itself widely in a context of climate change and limiting yield, especially in crops of agronomic relevance. In this work we study the stability of two widely putative "stay-green" well-characterized sunflower genotypes belonging to the INTA Breeding Program against differential N conditions, in order to verify their yield stability in control conditions and under N supply.

Mardi 19 décembre à 13h30 en Salle Lynn Margulis - PABS, INRAE Occitanie-Toulouse.
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