Les liens psychologiques et physiques avec la nature améliorent à la fois le bien-être humain et la conservation de la nature

Researchers from SETE published in Biological Conservation in January, a systematic review of meta-analyses on psychological and physical connections with nature that improve both human well-being and nature conservation.

"Despite growing evidence that “connectedness” of humans with nature creates multiple benefits for both humans and nature, these benefits are not fully considered by health and conservation policymakers.

In a systematic review of 16 meta analyses covering 832 independent studies , we found consistent conclusions across geographically diverse experimental studies that physical connection with nature improved human cognition, so cial skills, physical and mental health, and psychological connection to nature.

Our results suggest a critical role for psychological and physical human nature connections in developing a sustainable future."

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Gladys Barragan-Jason, Michel Loreau, Claire de Mazancourt, Michael C. Singer, Camille Parmesan (2023)
Biological Conservation, Volume 277, January 2023, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.biocon.2022.109842
Psychological and physical connections with nature improve both human well-being and nature conservation : A systematic review of meta-analyses.

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