Deux concepts émergents en aquaculture pour lutter contre les maladies infectieuses des mollusques

Deux équipes de l'IHPE ont publié 2 articles complémentaires qui ont été acceptées dans Reviews in Aquaculture en début 2024. Ce sont des revues d'opinion qui proposent d'implémenter des concepts émergents (d'éducation microbienne et d'immunité entrainée) en aquaculture pour lutter contre les maladies infectieuses des mollusques.

Marine molluscs represent a significant category of aquaculture products, providing a crucial protein source for the growing human population. However, the increasing frequency and severity of marine diseases affecting farmed species poses a threat to the sustainability of this sector. With limited prophylactic or therapeutic solutions available, there is an urgent need to address these challenges.

In the Host-Pathogen-Environment Interactions laboratory, we conduct research which aimed at developing alternative strategies based on the latest knowledge in invertebrate immunity. Our aim is to prevent disease outbreaks and improve the health of marine molluscs.

Two reviews presented here delve into the literature on different concepts :

  • (i) Immune priming consists of training the immune system with microbial components or inactivated pathogens to enhance immune defences after a subsequent infection, and provides an opportunity to reconsider the possibility of invertebrate immunisation.
  • (ii) Microbial education involves educating the innate immune system of invertebrate species during larval development by introducing beneficial microorganisms in the rearing tanks.

Both methods have been shown to provide long-term beneficial protection and disease control in Crassostrea gigas, which is the main oyster farmed in France. The reviews report the most recent literature on the two concepts and explore their potential implementation on molluscan species in an aquaculture context.

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Date de modification : 02 mai 2024 | Date de création : 02 mai 2024 | Rédaction : Tulip Communication, Céline Cosseau / Photo : Caroline Montagnani